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About Us

Our parent company – Enercon Engineering, Inc. USA  is a world renowned name in the field of Generator Controls & Synchronizing Panel. With over 40 years of existence, more than 37,000 projects in 100 above countries, Enercon is a leader in Power Generation control industry.

In order to adapt with global competitiveness, Pakistan was seen by Enercon USA as one of the potential countries to invest with local operations.

Enercon Asia Pvt. Ltd, Singapore is Asian Head quarter for Enercon engineering, Inc. Under umbrella of Enercon Asia, there are regional companies in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and Myanmar.

Since its incorporation in Pakistan in 2012, Enercon Systems International Pvt. Ltd. is continuously expanding & diversifying its business by investing in local talented engineers, who get foreign training and newest technology exposure while working with global Enercon group of companies.

Besides our quality name in Generator Control Panel and Generator Synchronization Panel, Enercon Systems deals with custom engineering also, including:

We offer 24/7 services support to all our customers in Pakistan & Middle East Region. Do you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Enercon Systems Scope Area 2

Hotels, Hospitals

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Oil & Gas

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Automobile, Steel etc

Our Proud Customers

Enercon Systems Management

Enercon CEO

Mr. Azhar Bin Othman

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Azhar Othman is the CEO of Enercon Systems International Pvt Ltd. He is also the Regional Director of Enercon Asia (Pvt.) Limited, which is Asia Head office of Enercon and its associated company which has been around since August 1994. Mr. Azhar graduated with an honors degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from University of Salford, United Kingdom. He had completed his MBA (Executive) from SP Jain School of Global Management based in Singapore and obtained a certificate in Business Professional, a course that was conducted over 2 years out of California, USA.

He was trained in Nagasaki Japan for 1 year then after stationed in Iran for 2 years as the commissioning Engineer for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries having commissioned 6 x 100 MW Gas Turbine.

He has 20+ years of experience in the Power Generation & control fields and now manages and heads offices all over Asia since 2002.

Mr. Imran Zafar

Director & Country Manager

Engr. Imran Zafar is pioneer of Enercon Systems in Pakistan. He started Enercon Systems as a One-Man army and in less than three years, converted it into bunch of young & talented engineers who are acting as extended team of Enercon Asia in Sales, Design and service.

Mr. Imran is an Electrical Engineer from NED University. He also holds an MBA Marketing (Executive) degree from Institute of Business Management. He has vast International experience in the field of Distribution Switch gears & Controls.

Before joining Enercon Systems in 2012, he served Siemens Pakistan as Manager Sales & Marketing. He was also deputized at Siemens AG as project Manager for the duration of one year, during his stay at Siemens AG, he was trained on Air Insulated and Gas Insulated switch gears. He also got opportunity to work with Siemens factories located in Portugal, Turkey, South Africa and Germany.

During his Fifteen+ years of professional experience, he acquired diversified knowledge as his job varied from Sales & Marketing, system designing, commissioning, Tender Preparation / Estimation to PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Enercon Country Manager

Mission & Vision

Enercon Vision


We inspire to be the leading system integrator of power and energy solutions

Enercon Mission


To create a better world by empowering people with innovative & sustainable energy solutions

Enercon Systems Core Values - (S.T.R.I.D.E)

Safety – Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Integrity– What we do, we do well. We behave in a manner that demonstrates trust, honesty,courage, consistency; from our daily work tour product quality

Relationships– Building and maintaining long term relationships both supplier and customer.Customer for LIFE

Teamwork– Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

Diversity– Treat others with respect. It takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests,
and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed

Empower– We empower our people to think and make decision

STRIDE – We will take one decisive step at a time towards our goal.