Auto Fuel Filling Panel

Auto Fuel filling panel is designed to control and monitor the flow of fuel from central main storage tank to local dedicated Generator Tank.  The main benefit of this system is that it not only save wastage of fuel but also avoid risk of empty fuel in local tanks which may cause Emergency Diesel Generators unavailable in case of need.

This panel has both power & control components to fully automate the process, the level and flow are monitored via sensors and connected to Programmable logic controls (PLC) which onward initiate command to pump & motors for automatic refiling of storage tanks.

The Central HMI provides graphical display of the whole process and visualization of fuel status in tanks. Operator can also initiate commands for manual operation through HMI touch screens. Alarm buzzer and indication lights also function in Auto Fuel Filling Panel to engage the human.

Enercon is known for customization and we provide all major PLC brands used in Pakistan including Siemens, WAGO, Allen Bradley , Modicon etc as per system requirement and recommendation of customer.

Our teams are available 24 / 7 in Karachi and Lahore while we can provide services all across Pakistan.

Major Components Of Auto Fuel Filling Panel

  • Space Heater with Thermostat
  • Alarm Buzzer
  • Battery Charger
  • MCBs
  • Indication Lights
  • Magnetic Contactors
  • Relays

Key Features

  • Check valve
  • Electrically operated shutoff valve
  • Tank Full visual alarm
  • Power Available indicator
  • Sophisticated interlocks prevent inadvertent filling of a non-selected tank
  • Valve open/close push buttons