Current and Voltage Transformer

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Current Electric was established in 1982 and is the leading manufacturer of Current and Voltage Transformer in South Africa. In June 2008 the business was acquired by ACTOM Group (previously known as Alstom Electrical Industries). The product range comprises of Current Transformers up to 33kV and Voltage Transformer up to 22kV for use in medium voltage reticulation products.

Since its incorporation in 2012 in Pakistan, Enercon Systems is continuously growing and diversifying its operation. From Pakistan to Middle-East region, Enercon Systems earns a label of reliability.

Enercon Systems is a proud supplier of Current and voltage transformer in all over Pakistan. Currently, our hub of operation in Pakistan is Karachi and Lahore.

Block Type Current and Voltage Transformer

  • Can be used as bus-bar support
  • Close dimensional tolerances
  • High tracking resistance
  • Impulse type tests (certificates available)
  • Cast in resin under controlled conditions
  • Full potential screening to improve stress geometry
  • Routine discharge tests guaranteeing less than 5pc
  • Five year guarantee
  • Type tested for Short Time Current as generally mounted in service (certificates available)
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Flame retardant
  • No toxic gases during combustion
  • Manufactured to strict quality control procedures
  • Full routine test certificates supplied with each unit
  • Capacitive voltage output available
  • Track record with several multi-national companies
  • Transformers with up to 12 primary turns have been short time current tested (certificates available)

Ring Type Current and Voltage Transformer

Outdoor Current Transformer

Outdoor Ring CT Chart
Split Ring CT Chart

Current and Voltage Transformer Up To 40KA, 33KV

Our expansion and reputation has been greatly improved by our ability to design and manufacture for special applications.

Our ISO 9000 listing was achieved in 1998 furthering our commitment to quality and growth.

Our VT range is highly successful and expanding rapidly. The fully automatic winding machines ensure the highest possible coil quality.

Our product range consists of the following:

  • Split Core and Clamp-on CT’s
  • Interposing CT’s
  • Summation CT’s.
  • Bar Primary CT’s up to 33kV
  • Resin Cast Ring CT’s for Protection and Metering
  • Medium Voltage Bushing CT’s
  • Taped CT’s for Oil and Air
  • Resin Cast Block CT’s up to 33kV
  • Outdoor Neutral CT’s up to 33kV
  • Precision CT’s for Test Equipment
  • Indoor VT’s up to 22kV
  • Screened CT’s up to 22kV & Screened VT’s up to 11kV

We manufacture a vast range of non-standard CT’s to customer specifications. (For further enquirers contact our sales office)