Generator Control Panel

Generator Control panel role in Gas / Diesel Generators is similar to the role of steering in Automobiles, where we start, stop, speed control and do monitoring of indications. Aside from start / stop and managing Generators frequency during load variations, the other main purpose of GCP is engine monitoring & protection.

In our standard design, we provide 15 inch Industrial IPC as Human Machine Interface, Operators initiate new commands & acknowledge alarms through screen. The purpose & function of Industrial PC (IPC) including but not limited to:

  • Graphical Display of Engine showing status & positions of different engine parts
  • Graphical Display of Systems Diagram showing position & status of Breakers & transformers
  • To Display System Single Line Diagram
  • To Display Electrical parameters i.e. A, V, KW, KVAR, Frequency , Power Factor etc
  • To Display Engine Mechanical parameters i.e. winding & cylinder temperatures, Gas pressure , Totalized Gas Consumption, etc
  • Annunciation of Alarm and events
  • Historical trending and Archiving of events & parameters

Programmable logic Controls (PLCs) are used to interface all the field sensors & signals and to process logics for automatic controlling of Engine, switchgear breakers and other devices in the system. PLC provides leverage to add any kind of customized logics in the system and additional functions like Heat Recovery , auto Fuel filling etc.

Enercon is known for customization and we provide all major PLC brands used in Pakistan including Siemens, WAGO, Allen Bradley , Modicon etc as per system requirement and recommendation of customer.

The third major component used in Generator Control panel is Generator Control module, it is responsible for Synchronization, load sense load demand, load sharing management while PLC & Human Machine Interface is responsible for other above additional stated functions.

Enercon team has expertise and can offer load sharing & synchronization services with all different Generator Control modules in Pakistan from DEIF, Woodward EasyGen, Deep sea, ComAP, Sices etc.

We provide Generator Control panel for all major brands of Gas & Diesel Generators in Pakistan including Caterpillar (CAT),  Jenbacher, Mitsubishi , MWM , Cummins, Volvo , Perkins, Gavaskar, MTU etc , We provide Generator Synchronization, Grid Synchronization, Solar Synchronization and Integration with Generators. 

Our teams are available 24 / 7 in Karachi and Lahore while we can provide services across Pakistan.

Salient Features - Generator Control Panel

  • Complete Plant Mimic Monitoring
  • Simple, Redundant and Fail Safe Communication
  • Integration with DCS & SCADA systems
  • Utility, Generators and Solar Power Management as per availability and feasibility
  • Intelligent Load Management system
  • Plant utility controls & Monitoring e.g. HVAC, Heat Recovery, water, Diesel tanks, Gas etc
  • Load shedding system
  • NGR & NGS Controls
  • Remote access via web & mobile apps
  • Customized & user friendly Graphical Display of data & Plant SLD on HMI / Desktop SCADA
  • Historical Trending & archiving of data, auto back up & email transfer of files