Generator Load Sharing Panel

When multiple Generators are connected on BUSBAR then sudden change of load on BUS can cause complete blackout if all engines do not react to take or leave the load proportionally, the phenomenon of smooth sharing of load is called “Load sharing”. And the system which make it happen known as Generator Load Sharing Panel.

Let’s say, the customer has two different brands of Gas Generators, ideally they should be able to share the load according to their capacity. For example – 2MW & 1MW generators should take up to 1.66MW & 0.83MW load respectively out of total load requirement of 2.5MW.

However, in many cases every different brand of Generator comes with its own system which is not compatible to the previous system, In this case Customer requires load sharing panel separately to enable smooth sharing of load between all engines.

Enercon team has expertise and can offer load sharing & synchronization services with all different Generator Control modules in Pakistan from DEIF, Woodward EasyGen, Deep Sea (DSE), ComAP, Sices etc.

We provide Generator load sharing panel for all major brands of Gas & Diesel Generators in Pakistan including Caterpillar (CAT),  Jenbacher, Mitsubishi, MWM , Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Gavaskar, MTU etc , We provide Generator Synchronization, Grid Synchronization, Solar Synchronization and Integration with Generators. 

Our teams are available 24 / 7 in Karachi and Lahore while we can provide services across Pakistan.