Grid Synchronization Panel

Grid supply is preferred when it is less expensive compare to own power Generation, it is also opted when certain kind of non-linear load or heavy torque load cannot be catered by Generators, it is also used as backup power when prime power Gas or Diesel Generation is not available, Grid supply also run in parallel with own Generation when load requirement exceeds Self Generation.

  1. If load is running on Grid supply and it is known that Grid supply will be interrupted at a certain time, or if the rates of Grid supply will become high at certain time, then Grid Synchronizing system automatically start Gas Generators & parallel it with Grid supply, the technical term for this application is called Forward Synchronization.
  1. If system is running on Gas Generators and Gas shutdown is to occur or Gas engines are to be taken on maintenance, then Grid Synchronization system automatically close Grid breaker to run both Gas Generators & Grid supply run in parallel, the technical term for this application is Back synchronization.
  2. Similarly, if customer wants to switch over from Grid to Generator power or vice versa, not intended to run both in parallel for long duration then control system will make it possible without power interruption, the technical term used for this application is close transition or ZERO Power transfer.

Enercon team has expertise and can offer Grid synchronization services with all different Generator Control modules in Pakistan from DEIF, Woodward EasyGen, Deep Sea (DSE), ComAP, Sices etc.

We provide Generator Grid synchronizing panel for all major brands of Gas & Diesel Generators in Pakistan including Caterpillar (CAT),  Jenbacher, Mitsubishi , MWM , Cummins, Volvo , Perkins, Gavaskar, MTU etc , We provide Generator Synchronization, Grid Synchronization, Solar Synchronization and Integration with Generators. 

Our teams are available 24 / 7 in Karachi and Lahore while we can provide services across Pakistan.

Salient Features - Grid Synchronizing Panel

  • Simple rental to stringent Oil & Gas controls
  • Integration with DCS & SCADA systems
  • Flexible design to control all engine brands CAT, Cummins , MTU, Waukhesa etc
  • Customized controls for all type of Engines Gas, Diesel, HFO etc
  • Easily integrated to existing plants
  • Manual & Automatic Synchronization
  • User friendly control for all applications base load , load share , Zero Transfer etc
  • 0-3 VDC load sharing system compatible with all universal brands
  • Automatic control of engine auxiliaries
  • Integrated Generator electrical protections
  • Customized & user friendly Graphical Display of data & Plant SLD on HMI / Desktop SCADA
  • Historical Trending & archiving of data, auto back up & email transfer of files
  • Remote access via web & mobile apps
  • Fuel Consumption analysis
  • Self-Battery Back up