Motor Control Center Panel

Motors are one of the common electrical equipment used in the industry. Motors are used as pumps or as part of different machines like crane, conveyor, crushers, blower etc.

The starting torque current varies for each motor depending on its size and type of machine in which it is installed, accordingly there are different starting technique are used for Motor operation.

Motor Control Center Panel is used to control multiple motors from common panel, Motor Control Center Panel is designed in such a way that every motor has its own section, consists of circuit breaker, fuses, motor starter and disconnect power, connected to the same power bus.

Depending on type of motor, there are following common methods use for motor starting.

  • DOL Starters – Direct Online starters
  • ASD Starters – Automatic Star Delta Starters
  • SS Starters – It is used for both motor starting & stopping , ramp up & ramp down of the motor, it is used where we have high inrush current is involved.
  • VFD Starters – In addition to function of SS, Variable frequency drive also provides speed variation of the motor during operation.

Enercon design and supply variety of Motor Control Panels (MCC) according to customer specification, by using Variable frequency Drive and Soft Starters of all brands commonly used in Pakistan including but not limited to Danfoss, ABB, Siemens, Schneider etc

Our teams are available 24 / 7 in Karachi and Lahore while we can provide services across Pakistan.

Major Components Of Motor Control Center Panel

  • Air Circuit Breaker
  • Main Busbars
  • DIN rail mounted auxiliary relays
  • MCBs
  • Metering devices
  • Current transformers
  • Feeder Starters
  • DOL Starters
  • Star Delta Starters

Key Features

  • Fully type tested assemblies
  • Tailored control using VFD, Soft starter & DOL
  • Ample cabling space for easy connections
  • Top and bottom cable entry.
  • Floor mounting
  • Maximum safety & reliability
  • Modular system with Customized design to meet end user requirements.
  • Panels for front or rear access to suit application