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Our intent is to share knowledge with under / post graduate & professional engineers, through our Technical Training,  knowledge that they needed to flourish their professional careers. During training, we invite industry gurus from various segments to share priceless gist of their success journey.

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Power Generation

  • Sources of Power Generation
  • Solar Power: Designing, Development, architecture of Solar power, major components, brands, selection, application, major solar projects in Pakistan.
  • Wind Power: How wind Turbine works, Potential in Pakistan, architecture from Wind turbine to National Grid in Pakistan, Wind Turbine manufactures and their presence in Pakistan, future projects
  • Thermal Power: Basic Design principle of Gas & Diesel Generators, Gas/Steam Turbines, major parts, selection criteria, applications, Size,
  • Major Generator Manufacturer present in Pakistan market.
  • Basic understanding of Generator Synchronization & Engine controls.
  • Concept of Utility paralleling, import & export of Power, Zero Power transfer
  • Concept of load management & Load shedding?
  • Learning via actual site visits.
Power Generation

Power Distribution

  • Learning via actual site visits.
  • Learning via Practical demonstration in factory.
  • Knowing what is manufactured locally and what is imported.
  • Knowing world measure manufactures and their presence in Pakistan.
  • Understanding MV switchgear, LV Switchgear, Transformer , CTs , PTs, Energy Meters.
  • Understanding Pakistan Electricity flow from Generating plants to Consumers.
  • Understanding Pakistan Electricity flow from Generating plants to Consumers.
  • Review of Major components associated with Electricity flow for transmission, distribution, measurement, protection, isolation.
Power Distribution

Industrial Automation (PLCs & HMIs)

  • Basics of Programmer Logic controller, their types and applications
  • Hardware Selection & compatibility.
  • Understanding Digital & Analog inputs (concept of Sinking & sourcing)
  • Introduction to Analog & RTD IOs (2 wire, 4 wire etc)
  • Understanding of addressing & Mapping of I/O registerss.
  • Introduction to software architecture of major PLC brands Siemens, WAGAO, Allan Bradley etc
  • Introduction to Industrial HMIs , learning software Integration with PLCs & external third party devices.
  • Basic Tools & technique of GUI designing.
  • Understanding graphical and control elements.
  • Configuration of historical trending, events & alarms.
  • Practical exercises via actual projects.
Industrial Automation

Career Counseling & Planning

  • A review on Electrical / Electronics engineers scope in Pakistan.
  • Understanding variety of employers with respect to engineers’ job role.
  • Understanding different job roles in each type of industry.
  • Skill & actions needed for Job hunting.
  • How to handle Job interviews.
  • Understanding career progression with respect to your job role & organization type.
  • First knowledge then efforts, then luck, Session with industry gurus to understand how they have progressed.
Career Counselling

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