Battery Charger

Battery charger are commonly used in Electrical substation where DC power source is required for control equipment , relays, motor coils, contactors etc.

Depending on the customer specs, the charger voltage varies from 24VDC, 110VDC to 220VDC etc, Similarity current output of charger is selected according to battery capacity and back up time requirement.

Enercon through its international partners offer variety of Battery chargers as per need and specification of customers.

Our teams are available 24 / 7 in Karachi and Lahore while we can provide services all across Pakistan.

Major Components

  • Solid State Thyristor Module
  • Dropping Diode
  • Charger Input Breaker
  • Charger Controller Card
  • External Alarm Cards
  • Choke
  • Main Transformer
  • Battery / Load Breaker
  • Capacitor
  • Freewheeling Diode

Key Features

  • Boost & Float Voltage & Current Tolerance
  • Voltage & Current Regulation according to Battery specs
  • Annunciations for faults and monitoring
  • Current & voltage Metering
  • Soft Start via feature built in controller card
  • Ripple Current less than 2%
  • Multiple Protections
  • Adequate Ventilation
  • Bottom & Top cable entry provision
  • Flexible & Customized designs

Benefits of Battery Charger

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Best in-class performance to optimize expenses

Maintainability Icon

Industrial-grade maintainability

Smart Access Icon

Smart access to charger data

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Industrial flexibility